World-renowned Italian sailor Giovanni Soldini a racing vessel he personally helped and his international crew of eight members from five nations will broke the New York to San Francisco sailing record that celebrates the route taken by  the great clipper ships of the California gold rush. The passage around Cape Horn had been their greatest challenge as the waters are particularly hazardous. Strong winds, large waves, powerful currents, as well as icebergs have created its' reputation as a sailors' graveyard. The previous record was held by Frenchman Yves Parlier, who in 1998 onboard Aquitaine Innovations sailed all 13,945 miles in 57 days and 3 hours. In 1999, Soldini earned his place in sailing history at the “Around Alone Race" where he captured a thrilling and come-from-behind victory. Early in the race, Soldini's best friend and yacht designer Andrea Romanelli, was swept from Soldini’s boat in a North Atlantic storm and lost at sea. He was again tested when he bravely rescued his competitor Isabelle Autissier, who had capsized in the desolate reaches of the Southern Ocean.